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Letter: Our wild cats deserve better

This week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife killed an emaciated mountain lion kitten in Vail. Caught on video camera, the cat was clearly frightened and desperately trying to climb out windows but couldn’t find an exit.

How did that terrified kitten end up in such a human-dominated landscape? It wouldn’t be surprising if the kitten was orphaned after a pack of radio-collared hounds chased the kitten’s mother up a tree so a trophy hunter could shoot her at point blank range. And all so that he could pose — smiling and victorious — with the dead animal and his rifle, and eventually display her body in his living room or den to show his prowess as a “great hunter.”

Our wild cats are worth far more than trophies. It’s time to end the trophy hunting of Colorado’s wild cats. That’s why I’m supporting SB 31, a bill to stop the trophy hunting and trapping of all of Colorado’s mountain lions, bobcats, and, if delisted, Canada lynx. Take action! Contact the bill sponsors, Sens. Jaquez-Lewis and Ginal, and Reps. Duran and Amabile and thank them for this much-needed legislation.

Dave Jones

Monte Vista

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