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Letter: Parenthesis problems in Eagle-Vail Metro District budget

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They are in bold type; they are in parentheses, and they ain’t pretty! The Eagle Vail Metro District’s Aug. 10 budget and forecast for the period 2018 thru 2035 is now in print for all to see:

• 2018 District Surplus (deficit) (977,659)

• 2018 District Ending Fund Balance 1,685,543

• 2035 District Surplus (deficit) 154,406

• 2035 District Ending Fund Balance (6,532,411)

Thank you, God! Imagine where Eagle-Vail would be if 5A had passed. Its proponents now say all our problems would have been solved with its passage.

Time for a reality check: 5A would have built a new clubhouse, some trails and other goodies, but very little money would have gone to addressing our long-range issues as outlined in the most recent reserve study. All that 5A would have accomplished would be to double our indebtedness and leave the figures above unaddressed.

Tom Chastain


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