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Letter: Pepi’s Wedel Weeks

More than 30 years ago, Pepi approached the Vail Ski School to launch a five-day-long ski program. This program was to be named Pepi’s Wedel Week! 

Pepi’s Wedel Week program instantly became very popular and I am pleased to say that is still going strong. For a couple of weeks each season our school is hosting this offering together with the Gramshammers. Thanks to these weeks so many students and so many instructors have been able to get to know and be inspired by Pepi. We have first-hand been able to share his passion for our sport, our mountain and our town.

For the last five seasons, I have been the fortunate person to represent the Vail Ski and Snowboard School’s management throughout these weeks. What an honor to sit next to Pepi during all these fun awards dinners! (We even had a few runs together during those years!)

Pepi’s Wedel Weeks will continue and all of us involved will certainly keep his memory alive! He is a true legend to all of us! Thanks Pepi and Sheika!

Ingie Franberg

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