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Letter: Pete Seibert for Vail Town Council

There’s nothing that puts me a more awesome and positive mood than snow in October. I’m gearing up for my eighth season on Vail Ski Patrol and I’m looking forward to skiing alongside our guests and my neighbors starting Nov. 15.

I’m also a nine-year resident in the town of Vail. With each year, I try to
get more and more involved in our community — as I know this is where I
am firmly planting roots and continuing my on-mountain career. My
involvement includes trying to engage as best as possible with the
hard-working men and women serving on our elected and appointed boards. This Nov. 5, a very important four seats are up for Vail Town Council and I’d like to express my support for Pete Seibert.

Why Pete? I have been inspired by Pete’s humility when he talks about
his father’s vision, not only for the mountain but for the community.
Pete worked hard to become a Vail resident and wants to give back. He is
thoughtful and smart, wanting to work on everything from transportation
to housing to water issues to collaborative private-public partnerships
that will allow all of Vail to thrive.

To my fellow millennials, please, please register to vote — our voices
do matter. And then please join me in voting for Pete Seibert for a positive, forward-moving Vail Town Council — and then join me on the slopes!

Lauren Phillips


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