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Letter: Pick up after your pooch and your smooch

Whilst on a bike ride from Avon to Edwards I noticed several disposable masks on the bike path. I had a friend that biked from Beaver Creek to Vail Pass. For that 27-mile stretch, she counted 34 of them.

People, we just got you cleaning up after your dog, but now we need you to clean up after yourselves. Even driving back from Bailey yesterday I saw the light blue square cloths littering the back roads. Why it is that when something needs fixing, we as a race mess something else up? We were beginning to save the turtles by getting rid of straws, but now we are using tons of one-time use plastic bottles for sanitizer. 

The canals in Venice, Italy, have never been cleaner, but then two guys during quarantine jump in and decide to go for a bath? Golf courses are now letting one person drive a cart instead of doubling up — do you know how much greenhouse gas they make. We try to keep everyone safe by using masks, yet they are littering our roads and paths.

Where do these masks come from?  Are people just walking around with them on, then something clicks in their tiny mind that says “to hell with this, I’m not wearing a mask” and they rip it off their faces? I don’t get it. I could understand a few getting lost in the wind, but 34. Come on!  Masks are better on your face, not in nature!

Mike Spaid


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