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Letter: Find your own playground

A recent letter published in the Vail Daily on Aug. 13 incorrectly argued the following points:

1. The “tennis courts at Ford Park continue to be underutilized”

Conversely, there’s a waitlist for almost every program at Vail Tennis Center — round robins, camps, privates, cardio, beginner and doubles clinics.

2. “Tennis continues to decline”

Conversely, according to the United States Tennis Association, “U.S. Tennis Participation Surges in 2020 … a rather unprecedented 22 percent increase in overall participation from a year earlier, which translates into about 4 million more players — bringing the total for 2020 to 21.64 million players.”

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3. ”Tennis courts everywhere are being resurfaced and repurposed into pickleball courts”

Conversely, some facilities are opting for separate courts for each sport to enjoy dedicated courts.

4. “Turning the courts into multi-use would bring more revenue”

Conversely, tennis memberships would plummet if courts become multi-use. Vail Tennis Club is home to multiple USTA leagues: leagues and tournaments would be eliminated. Multi-use courts aren’t sanctioned by USTA.

In addition to disputing those unsubstantiated claims, consider this:

There are 21.64 million tennis players vs 4.2 million pickleball players (usapickleball.org). The numbers speak for themselves.

VTC is one of the finest clay court facilities in Colorado. Har-Tru is cooler and kinder to players with knee/hip issues. Pickleball isn’t played on clay.

These two sports are vastly different. Creating multi-use courts would be like combining bowling and shuffleboard. This is a cheap/ineffective way to solve a problem. Each sport needs dedicated courts.

The solution is for pickleball to find another venue and avoid converting VTC into a multi-purpose facility. Consider this: the athletic fields sit empty throughout the summer unless occupied by special events. The goal: enhance our community, not cheapen it by co-mingling two sports that don’t belong together.

Stephanie Bee


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