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Letter: Please read Healthy Kids Survey

The school children in Eagle County and throughout the state of Colorado are going to be presented with the Colorado Healthy Kids Survey. I strongly encourage parents to read this survey before agreeing to allow your children to participate. This survey has some very disturbing questions on it.

Many parents often don’t take the time to read everything the schools put out. Either they don’t have the time or believe if it’s coming from the school district or the state, it must be fine. Well this time it isn’t. In my opinion, there is a troubling agenda behind this survey, so it is extremely important that parents take five minutes to read it first.

There is a push in this country to promote unhealthy lifestyles, and our children are the prime targets. It is not the job of the state or federal government to raise our children and decide for them what they should be exposed to.

Please, please, please read the survey!

Cari Fifield

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