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Letter: Please reconsider keeping parents out of children’s final games

Dear Eagle County Commissioners and Eagle County Public Health, I’m writing to ask, as many parents already have, to please allow us to watch our kids compete in winter and spring sports at our local schools. Parents are missing out on the last years, and sometimes the last days and events that their children will get to participate in. Basketball, hockey, wrestling and other sports are happening, I am thankful. Some of our students are down to just a few more events before their athletic careers will end. Eagle County should be supporting our students and families by allowing limited crowds. Many of these families have worked for years to reach the level of play that their students are at, and now we can’t be in the gym to support our children. We have been asked to step up and help educate them. We have been asked to monitor their behavior and academic progress. Why can’t we support them socially and emotionally during their games?

It has been very difficult and frustrating for both parents and student-athletes to see fans in the stands at away sporting events. Rifle, Glenwood and Summit seem to allow limited parent access to watch the game in person. Schools have worked hard to make it possible for us to watch events on streaming sources, but it is not the same as being at the game or match. I am thankful. I am not suggesting that you open gyms up to whole communities to pack in, shoulder to shoulder.

I am just asking for each athlete to have two tickets for immediate family members to attend their events in person. For a basketball game, that would mean about 24 family members in attendance at home games. Those people could be spread out in small groups of two throughout the stands. There is already a 30-minute break between all games for cleaning off the bench and scorers table area. In watching the streaming of this time, it only takes the people cleaning about five minutes. With the cleaning products now available, I think cleaning of the areas where these groups of parents sit would only take a few more minutes. I don’t believe that contact tracing would be much of an issue either. All of these people could be pre-registered for the remainder of the season with their phone numbers and addresses. I do recall that football parents were allowed to have a couple of tickets per student. Why is Eagle County Public Health not allowing this for our students now?

It seems like our local government can be flexible when it comes to making things work for wealthy tourists and big businesses, but it’s too much to ask for the same flexibility and problem solving for the local families and students who live in this valley year-round and voted some of you into the offices you hold. I believe that the risk of allowing the immediate family to view these events is minimal. I believe that I should be able to support my child’s mental well-being by cheering and encouraging him.

Please reconsider the values and needs of the people you are supposed to be representing and protecting. Allow families to attend their children’s events. In limited numbers. With masks. Socially distanced.

From, the people who elected you.

Connie Melzer

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