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Letter: Please, Vail Daily, stop accepting ads for vaping and e-cigs (letter)

I would like to voice my concern and opposition to many of the Vail Daily advertisements that promote and sell vaping and e-cigarettes, and worse yet underscore them as “healthy alternatives to smoking.” While I understand that these folks are trying to market a product and run a business, I don’t believe these advertisements should be present in our paper.

Vaping has become a huge problem in our local schools. Many kids are under the impression it’s not harmful. Many think it’s non-addictive. A simple Google search produces multiple articles and medical journal research studies that prove otherwise.

“There is evidence that e-cigs deliver some toxic stuff of their own such as formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), nitrosamines (linked to cancer) and lead (a neurotoxin)” — Scientific American.

While vaping may or may not be less harmful than actual cigarettes, we don’t need advertisements showcasing its sexiness and ease of accessibility to our youth. They have so much more to navigate through than I did as a teenager — social media, legalized marijuana, and now this. For the sake of Eagle County’s kids, please stop advertising vaping and e-cigs.

Thank you,

Holli Bishop


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