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Letter: PopPop Kaddatz for Holy Cross Energy Board

Holy Cross Energy has mailed ballots so customers can vote for its board of directors. My grandchildren say, “Vote for PopPop.”

I’m running for an open position on the Holy Cross Energy board. While I’d like you to take my grandchildren’s recommendation and immediately vote for me, there’s more to consider. 

Recently retired, I have had a long and successful business career as a risk management consultant. Risk resiliency is critical to all organizations, especially utilities. My clients included dozens of electric utilities of all sizes, such as TRICO Electric Cooperative, Xcel Energy and Los Angeles DWP. Accordingly, I am equipped with a pertinent professional background and ample time to perform the duties of a director on the Holy Cross Energy board.

We all depend on electric power but think little about its source until the lights go out. Holy Cross Energy has an excellent record of dependable service to our community and is remarkably responsive to its members.  Motivated by my grandchildren’s interests, I am seeking the open northern district board seat to ensure the long-term continuity of stable, clean and affordable electricity. You have my commitment to pursue that objective and to be accessible to members throughout my term.

For more information about my candidacy, go to holycross.com/elections/ or contact me at mmkaddatz@gmail.com. Respectfully, I ask for your vote.

Michael Kaddatz, aka PopPop


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