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Letter: Postal Service is in need of help

The U.S. Postal Service delivers to 60 million households. Every mailbox and address are treated the same, delivering to cities and rural areas at the same cost. The postal service, founded in 1775, is a nonprofit, quasi-government agency, gets no taxpayer dollars, only revenues from postage and postal services. Elderly citizens and rural areas rely on it for the delivery of life-saving medicine, 1.2 billion packages of medicine yearly. It’s the anchor of many small communities.

It is in a grave financial situation as business mailers and advertising have dropped about 50%. Delivery costs have increased due to the virus. USPS could go bankrupt soon. The Board of Postal Governors unanimously asked the Trump Administration for help. They requested $25 billion of the $500 billion that went to for-profit corporations and were turned down.

The Donald Trump and George Bush administrations have wanted to sell off the postal service to private industry. Private industry is a for-profit business. What will people in small towns and rural areas pay to get their mail for a corporation’s quick profit? Large cities subsidize small towns and rural areas. In 2006, Congress passed the Postal Accountability Enhancement Act, which hurt USPS and was signed by Bush II. Another Republican idea has been to allow private industry direct access to your mailbox. Since the start of the postal system, no one has the right to mailboxes except the post office and the individual owning the box. Please contact your U.S. senators and your representative by email or call and ask them to bail out the post office.

Cheryl Moskal

Denver and Vail  

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