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Letter: Pro-life movement can’t have it both ways

I read the two columns in the May 7 edition of the Vail Daily with interest. Roe v. Wade isn’t about abortion — it is about who is in charge of making decisions regarding a woman’s health care. The pro-life crowd are not pro life — they are anti abortion. They want control, plain and simple. Today it’s control over abortion, tomorrow it’s the definition of marriage and who knows what is next. They are hypocrites!

If they were truly pro life, as pointed out by Jay Wissot, their concern would not end at birth. The United States’ maternal and infant mortality rates are an embarrassment. The availability of affordable health care is lacking (and not supported by the pro-life movement). Maternity leave, child care … the list goes on.

The same pro-life people who chant “my body my choice” regarding vaccinations (which save lives) and fight sensible gun control (which would save innocent children) are hypocrites!

They like to say life begins at conception. Life also continues after birth! They can’t have it both ways.

Dr. Stephen Gordon

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