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Letter: Protest forgiveness?

I have held my tongue in this whole COVID-19 lockdown. I have been more than willing to do my part and follow county and state recommendations. The fact that Eagle county is willing to make exceptions now dictates that all orders declared by this County invalid in my opinion.

“Officials say Black Lives Matter march addressed a different public health crisis.”

“The pandemic is a public health crisis, but racism is a public health crisis as well,” said Eagle County Public Health Director Rebecca Larson. “This isn’t about choosing one over another. They are interconnected.”

“Public health” has many definitions according to Eagle County public health officials. If we agree with your politics, then an exception can be made. But if we do not like your faith or your business, then we can shut you down.

Will the “public health” department be so forgiving in the future if a church has one too many parishioners? I doubt it. They will close them down so fast. Mental health and faith are interconnected as well, public health official Rebecca Larson. I am embarrassed that I went along with their diktats. All rules are off now. We can all sue for “our” exception, right?

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If this Chinese virus is as bad as they want you to believe, then each of our “public health” officials who allow “protests to be ok” owns each death attributed to it as well. Release the lawyers!!

Tyranny has many forms. Our county “officials” have just been exposed.

Kevin Kenney


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