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Letter: Proud of Lauren Boebert

The aggressive personal assaults on Rep. Lauren Boebert by local bureaucrats is nothing shy of shameful hypocritical rhetoric. It is not the role of Eagle County Commissioners to slander and condemn Boebert for protecting voting integrity and standing firm in her belief against fraudulent activities. The role of elected servants is to protect people from the government.

Lauren Boebert understands this basic principle which eludes the county commissioners. Boebert appears to be doing exactly what she was elected to do, and to say the contrary is reprehensible. She is unwilling to blindly ignore the corruption and tyranny that is rampant in Washington D.C. I am proud of Rep.Boebert for her strong conviction and remaining honorable by her refusal to be bullied into compliance with the popular narrative.

Adrienne Perer


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