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Letter: Puzzled and dismayed by response to accident

A recent Sunday evening motorcycle ride on Highway 6  between Eagle and Gypsum resulted in a cycle-versus-deer collision. Impaired vision from the evening sun and the unfortunate impact, although fatal to the animal, damaged the cycle, fractured my left leg and dislocated my thumb. I was surprisingly able to keep the bike up on two wheels and coasted to a spot on the side of the road a few feet off the pavement.

Dazed and still traumatized from the event, my first instinct was to walk back to the impact site to check on the condition of the animal. It would have been extremely obvious to any passing motorist that I was in trouble, given my disoriented demeanor, my visible limp, and the splattering of deer remains and blood on my clothes, not to mention a dead deer in the road and a damaged motorcycle a few feet away. Making sure that the animal was not suffering and removing it from the roadway, I was amazed that not one single person slowed down to check on my condition,

In fact, vehicles drove around myself and the deer, continuing on their busy way. During the course of the time that I was there waiting for the sheriff to arrive, numerous motorists passed by and yet no one stopped?

In telling friends of my accident, they were not only astounded that I was not more seriously injured but truly disheartened and unbelieving as I that no one would take the time to offer assistance in such a small community where were we would expect much more.

I love the area that we live in and especially the valley lifestyle and atmosphere we share with our friends and family. I truly don’t understand how there was no attempt to offer aid or even a rolled down a window to check on my condition. Definitely not what I have been used to or would expect.

Clay Ireton


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