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Letter: Qualman qualified for superintendent

I’d like to put my 2 cents to the good article that Randy Wyrick wrote on March 19 about our school district naming three superintendent finalists.

Without taking anything away from any of them, they all three have great experiences, titles and I bet good references, too, but the one who still stands out to me the most is Phil Qualman.

I haven’t yet had the chance to know Qualman, since my son is only in first grade at our awesome Red Sandstone Elementary School (by the way, thank you for all you guys do for our kids). Just from reading Wyrick’s article, though, the things that stood out most to me are:

He has been with our school district for 15 years.

He is currently running the Eagle County Schools’ interim superintendent.

He taught social studies as a teacher, and became the principal at Battle Mountain High School.

He was assistant superintendent prior to the 2015-16 school year.

He graduated from University of Colorado Denver in administrative leadership and policy studies.

All of the above tells me that he is one of us, the special breed that live and breathe the fun but also not always easy life of our valley. 

So, why even think about who to choose? Choose Qualman.

He knows already how our daily life here is and I bet he’ll do a very good job at it — without leaving us after a couple of months or years.

Sarah Ratzlaff


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