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Letter: Questions about Vail’s reservation system

Vail Resorts announced a new reservation system that will control the number of skiers every day on the mountain. I guess it’s either a marketing strategy to reassure the clients they are serious about preventing infections of COVID-19 or a legalese ploy to prevent being sued for negligence.

If this is not the case, and they are serious about this strategy, more information is needed. The Epic Pass buyer needs to know what percentage of historical users will be allowed on the mountain. Is it 50%, 80%, or less? Just stating they will adjust the number according to the terrain that is open is not a satisfactory answer. They know how many people were on the mountain any given day and the status of the open trails, so is not difficult to come out with a percentage of past usage. Vail Resorts should also give the percentage of the space they reserved for the ski school and the guests of their hotels. The Epic Pass buyers are making a purchase and they need to know exactly what they are buying. They don’t need just vague promises that who wants to ski will be able to.

Piero Costa


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