Letter: Quinton for Holy Cross board

Most folks in the Eagle and Roaring Fork valleys get their electric power from our community co-op utility, Holy Cross Energy. The “co-op” part of that means you, as a customer, are also an owner. And as an owner, you select the company’s leadership.

That leadership in recent years has led Holy Cross to become a national leader in, not only clean, renewable energy, but in reliable and affordable energy as well. That’s because energy — whether clean or dirty, renewable or fossil — has always been about economics. The best intentions of responsibly generating electricity are pointless if the dollars don’t pencil.

Holy Cross has already converted most of its energy sources to clean, renewable energy, and its goal is to achieve 100% by 2030, all with some of the most affordable rates in the nation! Converting the last parts of the grid will be the most difficult to achieve and will require not just deployment of new technologies, but creative and innovative financial strategies.

That is why I hope you’ll vote to continue Adam Quinton’s service on the Holy Cross board. Adam’s experience and expertise in finance and his academic background in atmosphere and environment ideally suit him for the needs of Holy Cross in achieving 100% renewable power, while keeping service reliable and affordable.

You can learn more about Adam at Look for your ballot in the mail (this year with the ability to vote online!), and vote for Adam Quinton to continue his leadership on the Holy Cross board of directors!

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Matt Scherr


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