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Letter: Re-elect Eagle-Vail board members, who have proven fiscal responsibility

It was quite amusing to read a recent letter to the editor criticizing certain Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board members who have advocated financial responsibility and accountability. After their criticism, seven former board members then endorsed candidates for the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board who have no experience in Eagle-Vail governance and may have little, or no, knowledge of past or current issues and challenges. Two of their endorsees have lived in Eagle-Vail for less than two years, one for only three months.

Everyone signing the recent letter had been a public and strong advocate of the $20 million 2015 5A referendum that was defeated in a landslide by more than 60 percent of the voters in Eagle-Vail. Had 5A passed, it would have saddled Eagle-Vail residents with crushing debt for a new building that was simply wasteful spending.

Also noteworthy, most of the signers to the recent letter to the editor voted to waste $200,000 of taxpayer funds for design drawings, long before the election. It is laughable that after 5A failed, one of the signers remarked that they wish they had “voiced their concerns earlier rather than just go along.”

Signers of the recent letter supported large increases in Association dues to bail out the Eagle-Vail Metro District, without permission from the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association for whom they were elected to represent. Even when significant concerns were expressed, those concerns were ignored and the practice continued. This practice of taking money from one property owner and giving it to another began in 2010.

This same group ignored their fiduciary duty and responsibility to the community of Eagle-Vail and allowed the tennis courts to fall into embarrassing disrepair and unsafe conditions. They planned on 5A passing. No need to fix something when you have another agenda.

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Their practices proved why Eagle-Vail needed new thinking and leaders who were committed to, and understood, their fiduciary duty.

Of great concern, these seven signers promoted and continue to advocate for management of Eagle-Vail that is ineffective and often out of step with laws, regulations and governing documents. Two of the signers stated publicly that the “designated” community manager did not require a license. State law said otherwise.

Ignoring this state requirement nearly resulted in a cease and desist order from the state and fines to the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board. In addition, on several occasions, state laws regarding conflicts of interest and contract bidding requirements have been ignored. Recently, several of the signers recommended a salary increase and bonus for the community manager, despite half of his responsibilities having been eliminated.

The signers criticized the 2016 elected board members for doing what they were elected to do. These four new board members worked together to effect the restoration of the neglected tennis courts, improve the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association bylaws, install professional management and save more than $100,000 per year in administration costs and, accordingly, reduced member dues $185 (55 percent) per year, per member, in just two years.

Eagle-Vail needs leaders who understand and follow state laws and regulations, are financially responsible and can get things done. Furthermore, Eagle-Vail needs leaders who respect all property owners and, most importantly, expect to hold paid staff accountable for inefficiency, ineffectiveness and ignoring laws and governing documents.

Voters should be very leery at the prospect of returning to any practices recommended by these past board members. We must re-elect Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson and Steve Daniels to the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board. They have a vision for the future, have integrity, believe in transparency and understand governance. Re-elect Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson, and Steve Daniels to the Board of the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association.

Sara Davis


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