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Letter: Re-elect Jenn Bruno to Vail Town Council; our community needs her

As a longtime local of the Vail Valley, I would like to share why I support Jenn Bruno for Vail Town Council. Although I live in Eagle-Vail now, I grew up in Vail and have watched the community grow into the world-class resort it is today. Through the dedication and leadership of community members like Jenn Bruno, Vail has become the incredible place it is for locals and visitors alike.

In order to ensure we continue Vail’s success, we must elect leaders to our Town Council with the characteristics our founders possessed: passion, determination, intelligence, empathy, responsibility, sensibility and forward thinking. Jenn Bruno has proven she has these qualities during her 20 years of living in Vail and her most recent four years on Town Council.

Jenn understands our community. From raising her family in West Vail to starting and building her own businesses in the heart of Vail Village, Jenn is immersed in the challenges facing our community. As a homeowner, business owner, mother and active nonprofit volunteer in Vail, she appreciates and understands the many different perspectives within our community’s issues. She takes her role as a councilwoman very seriously, with unbridled passion and dedication. She is levelheaded and focused on solutions and results, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Jenn has performed an outstanding job serving the past four years on the Town Council in the leadership role as mayor pro tem. Her ability to listen to the facts and make fair, educated decisions for the betterment of Vail is tremendous. Jenn has taken a stand on several key issues, weighing the facts and considerations of her neighbors and constituents. She has voted “yes” for all housing initiatives, one of our most dire situations, and will continue to support housing initiatives that responsibly increase and improve the ability for our local working population to live in Vail.

During her time as a councilwoman, Jenn has served on the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Committee, showing her commitment to keeping Vail in a leadership position in our communication and marketing efforts. Her active involvement with this board is always on-point and respected, as she understands what it takes to successfully market and grow Vail, especially in the summer months.

Bottom line is that Jenn Bruno has the experience, unique perspectives, aptitude and passion to continue serving on Vail’s Town Council. As a Vail native and someone who has a vested interest in the continued success of the town, we must re-elect Jenn Bruno to Town Council on Nov. 7.

Meggen Bernstein Kirkham


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