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Letter: Read between the lines on school board candidates

Standing above a banner of the Eagle County Grassroots Conservatives, whose page of “educational materials” includes Steve Bannon, Spanish scientists who discovered what is really in the Pfizer vaccine, and Mike Lindell dancing around a stolen election, Heather Bergquist spoke about homeschooling her children and her God-given right to make decisions for them at an event where Lauren Boebert was the keynote speaker. It is Bergquist’s right, but once children are part of society as a whole, her rights come after her obligations to the rest of society and the children with whom they will interact. She accuses the school district of practicing medicine without a license on COVID-19 when what school officials are doing is following the best public health advice available, looking out for the welfare of all the students, teachers and Eagle County residents.

Bergquist and another school board candidate, Andrew Keiser, along with Keiser’s wife, Krista, were vocal about the removal of the Pride flag in Avon. And in answers to the Eagle County Schools candidate questionnaire, Keiser said he hopes to bring “perspective on the weaknesses of the district’s current philosophies.” Are the current philosophies weak? And exactly what “philosophy” is he referring to?

Kyla Sink, in her questionnaire, said she wants teaching done “without bias or agenda … education that is true and authentic,” implying that teachers aren’t teaching the truth? As a retired educator, I can read between the lines with the best of them, and they have an agenda. Do we want a group like the Eagle County Grassroots Conservatives influencing decisions for our local schools?

Cathy Blaser


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