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Letter: Read Mountain Recreation ballot language very carefully

Thank goodness we have the Vail Daily to help our elected officials be held accountable. In preparation for the Mountain Recreation District Board meeting held on March 16, I was reviewing the minutes from the Special Business meeting on March 2. This is the meeting where the Mountain Rec board voted to bring their $40 million ask to the voters in May (as opposed to November election, which many in the community had implored them to do).

Very surprising to me to see that the $450,000 allocation for the site prep for an additional sheet of ice in Eagle was not included in the meeting minutes (but clearly talked about and referenced in the article that was published here in the Vail Daily on March 3).

So, the initial proposal from the Mountain Rec board (that was published in the Vail Daily on Feb. 6) did not include any monies for the new rink in Eagle. So, where did the $450,000 allocation come from?

I wonder why the board of directors did not include this fact in their meeting minutes? Because they don’t want voters to know that they are making promises to the hockey community in exchange for their votes to pass the $40 million proposal.

This is the same board that is asking us taxpayers for a blank check as to how they will spend an additional $40 million (that will basically double your line item tax to the Mountain Rec District for the next 20 years). I’m sorry. If I was looking to invest in a company, which is basically what they are asking with the size of tax increase they are proposing, I would run for the hills with this poor financial mismanagement.

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So voters, please make sure that you know what you are voting for come May. Read the ballot language very carefully and realize that there is no accountability whatsoever with the tax increase that will be coming unless you vote no!

Suzy Smith


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