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Letter: Really, only two employee housing units?

The question of what will happen on the huge hole east of Ascent on US. Highway 6 in Avon is now answered.

Avon Town Council has an agreement with Breckenridge Grand Vacations to develop 82 units plus two — read that again — only two employee housing units on 4.2 acres at the front door of Beaver Creek Resort. I have a few questions:

  • Have there been public meeting notices other than the little blue signs along Highway 6 which are unreadable when traveling at even a low rate of speed?
  • Does the public know that Breckenridge Grand Vacations is a VRBO/timeshare company? If that is true, and that is how their website describes them, and if Avon is not restricting them from 82 units of short-term housing, then Avon must never object to any other short-term rentals. Not ever.
  • Has anyone seen a traffic study of how 168 cars (84 x 2 vehicles/per) are going to enter and exit a very busy section of Highway 6?

This question and answer goes way beyond Avon — it seriously impacts every car and every delivery truck traveling Highway 6.

Where will parking for 168 cars be located? Please — tell us behind the buildings next to the mountain. Please tell us this site will not resemble a used car parking lot strung along Highway 6.

Last question (for now): Where is Vail Resorts in all of this? The town of Vail gave up its unique architecture that made our world-class resort famous when the Town Council overrode its own Design Review Board and approved the Main Residences at Vail at its front door. Is Vail Resorts happy that Avon will likely do the same for the world-class ski and race resort to the west of Vail?

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Residents of Avon, you should be very interested in the answers to these questions. You are the only ones who can object or question. Did you know about all of this?

Carolyn Swanepoel


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