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Letter: Rebuttal to Williams column

The Oct. 21 column by David O. Williams was one of the most offensive spewages of opinion that I have read in this newspaper. The vitriol and conjecture by Williams were a shocking display of intolerance, melded with a bias that is, in itself, dangerous on the level that this writer is a quasi-member of the Vail Daily team using the reach of this newspaper to propagate his hegemonic, left-wing views.

This veiled, directed personal attack upon a (volunteer) candidate running for the (unpaid) local school board is completely out of line for a newspaper. Had Williams, a self-professed journalist, actually invested minor time to speak with Heather Bergquist in order to gain understanding of her platform, he might have gained enlightenment and avoided the inevitable embarrassment of his printed flatulence.

In the conversation with this candidate that Williams didn’t care to have, he might have learned about the abysmal average of reading and math proficiencies of Eagle County School District, which are below the state average: 30% math, 45% reading (35 and 47 respectively for state), and that improving proficiency is central to her campaign.

If letters to the Vail Daily must meet standards of factuality, not be in bad taste, or be libelous, this maligned piece violated each standard. William’s contemptuous, pontifical and dogmatic assertions are absolutely not fact-checked: “unruly mob that made life living hell,“ “what I would consider evangelical Christians,” “unhinged minority running for school board,” “influence public health policies based on religious beliefs,” “white supremacists,” “opposition candidates using code,” “anti-immigrant racism” of a slate of candidates Williams opposes and rejects as “dangerous, bigoted, fundamentalist.”

Another nuclear assertion made by Williams is to suggest that an event that occurred years ago in Granby “will happen again in 2022, 2024, and beyond,“ but has no acknowledgment to the unbridled violence, destruction, rapes, and deaths across our nation last year for months. Williams’ arrogance goes to the depth of citing his own opinion blog.

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Celena Olden


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