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Letter: Recycle all the time

Since I was a little kid, I always cared about animals because when people don’t recycle my brain just thinks about the animals. Like when people use one-use plastic and don’t reuse it again, it goes to the oceans and sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and fish think it’s food and die.

To start, in one part of Australia, single-use plastic is banned for so many reasons. In Queensland, they started banning one-use plastic. Meghan Scanlon, a member of parliament who serves as the minister for the environment and the Great Barrier Reef and minister for science and youth affairs, thinks that plastic pollution is spoiling their streets and parks. She said, “it is escaping into our waterways and killing our wildlife.”

Toby Hutcheon works for Boomerang Alliance. Over 50 environmental groups and Toby said he hoped to see coffee cups and lids joining the plastic list soon. Shane Cucow works with the Australian Marine Conservation Society. He said the laws were great news for the Queensland, turtles, whales, and seabirds. So therefore composting and recycling helps the oceans to be clean and safe.

To continue, animals keep getting killed by pollution, but animals are a big effect on the world. To start, animals host 80 percent of the planet’s biodiversity and are the largest ecosystem on Earth. The ecosystem is very important. But let’s say the deer ate all the grass and plants — animals will die. If other animals like wolves scared off the deer and then everything would come back to normal and more animals would be alive and the ecosystem would keep on running.

Also, it can affect people very much if people keep on polluting. Oceans give us 50 percent of the air to breathe, so basically, the ocean is giving half the people in the world air. It can change quickly if people keep polluting and the percentage is going down and down. So it does not just affect the animals, it’s a big impact on human life. For example, let’s say all that percent was not there and there was barely over 30 percent of air people would die. Because 30 percent is not enough air for humans because there are billions of people, so to avoid people dying we should recycle so there won’t be pollution.

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To conclude, other people might say that recycling is dumb because it does nothing for them and does not impact their life. However, it can affect people because animals give 3 billion people nutrition. Just imagine if 3 billion people could not eat and if people keep on polluting, humans might die. These are the reasons why people should not pollute because it’s a big impact on the world.

Jonathan Ventura, 5th Grade
Avon Elementary

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