Letter: Red Cliff Community Unity day was outstanding

Elvis has left the building, and Red Cliff is still reeling.

Thank you, Barb Smith, for an outstanding Community Unity Day. The weather held (thank you, Ms. Nature) the free food was exceptional (thank you, Mango’s). We are indebted to Randy Milhone for marathon face painting every child on the Cliff’s playground. Floyd Duran (life of the party) wrangled the children’s pinata extravaganza (we can’t thank you enough, Floyd, for the passion you have to help our town run smoothly).

Our vivacious mayor Anushka Bales (grand dame?) let her hair down. Thank you, Tracy LeClair and the Engine 5 crew from the Eagle River Fire Protection District, for providing the eye candy. Eagle County Sheriff James Van Beek came by to enjoy the festivities. Chief George flowed through the crowd like a cool breeze. Veterinarian Dr. Sheila Fitzpatrick was here to administer to our pets’ needs, while Animal Services’ Nathan Lehnert was vending licenses for dogs (other wild animals are still free range here).

We’ve got a tower up, and we’re getting high-speed internet! The provider was here to answer questions and sign up folks prior to our (crossed finger emoji) October launch. County Commissioner Jeanne McQueeny mingled. Scot Hunn, our town planner, enjoyed the afternoon. Town residents came forward to exuberantly voice opinions about the townscape ideas storyboard so artfully put together by our brilliant, in every arena, town administrator Barb Smith. Shout out to Suzanne Vondrell, “Deppety Clerk,” for Zena-ian effort.

Tim Kenton’s Elvis impersonation was galactic. Thank you, Tim, your stagehands, technicians and adoring followers. Give him a standing ovation so he’ll beam down for next year’s party. Town elders led the revelry by example. Youth and children danced up the storm that, so timely, ended the afternoon festivities.

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Thank you for coming — a fabulously good time was had by all.

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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