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Letter: Red Cliff doesn’t need another rental company

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In my small corner of the valley, we have been faced with a crisis that decides the fate of our town. Red Cliff Colorado is .23 square miles and already has an off-road, unguided motor vehicle rental company residing there. Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals wants to set up shop in the center of our very small town, effectively stealing the community we have worked so hard to build.

As a young adult who lives in Red Cliff, I have first-hand experience with rental companies and the type of people they bring in. Our town’s children, some as young as kindergarten, are getting off the school bus during the hours RMAR wants to operate. Having motorized vehicles running in and out of an area where children run about with their friends poses some serious risks, especially when considering the fact that these rentals are unguided.

The danger will only increase come summer. We walk, ride our bikes, and play in the streets RMAR wants to occupy with inexperienced drivers who aren’t familiar with and don’t have any regard for the way of life we have built. We used to spend our summers racing up Shrine Pass to dip our feet in the river and breathe in the fresh air. What will become of Shrine Pass? The number of people this company would bring to Shrine will put even more inexperienced drivers on the road. We won’t be able to enjoy it any longer because of the constant traffic and safety concerns.

The people this company would attract have no concern for the town or the people who live here. A couple of “slow down” signs will not force people to pay attention. There will always be someone who comes around the corner a little too fast. RMAR claims that their clientele is elite, but that doesn’t mean anything when they only have one thing on their mind: how can I have the most fun? How can my experience be better?

I babysit for a few of the families living in Red Cliff and have had some close calls with the rental company already residing here. On several occasions, I’ve had to pull a child out of the street to avoid a careless driver. By adding another rental company to our town, the chances of a child actually getting hit triple. My biggest fear is that the next time a client forgets to look both ways or blows a stop sign just because they can, I won’t be fast enough. There is no price high enough to risk the safety of citizens in our town.

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Isabella O’Herron

Red Cliff

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