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Letter: Red-flag law could have saved my friend

I want to thank the Vail Daily Editorial Board for supporting the passage of the red-flag Law. I know any form of gun control is controversial, but laws that protect people over property are necessary. I only wish this law had been in place several years ago when one of my friends was struggling with substance abuse and ended up killing herself.

I heard at her memorial service, her family had her placed under a mental health hold. My friend’s use of drugs and her behavior had turned violent. Her family tried to protect her and get her the help she needed. My friend was smart and beautiful. When she wasn’t affected by the drugs, she could talk her way out of any situation, which she did to get out of the mental health facility. She went home and killed herself. No one knows if the guns were not in her home if she still would have killed herself, but as statistics show — most suicides with a gun result in death.

If the red-flag Law helps prevent one suicide — especially in Eagle County — we should all feel good about the passage of this law. 

Please read the full text of the law and understand this law is to prevent exactly the type of situation my friend was in. Those 14 days without weapons in her home could have made all the difference.  I miss my friend every day. 

Annie Goodman


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