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Letter: Redefine your relationship with alcohol

As things open up and we see each other moving about a bit more, it’s a great time for us to redefine what a healthy community means when coming together and venturing to public spaces. While there have been lots of media focused on an increase in alcohol sales nationally and posts about quarantinis and virtual happy hours, it has put a magnifying glass to our relationship with alcohol — especially in this resort community.

Call it the “Peter Pan syndrome” or chalk it up to being part of the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle we pursue, but perhaps it’s a time for us to set a new standard around what it means to be social. We have a great opportunity here to establish new social expectations around gathering in public spaces, picnicking in the park with our children, being present to experience fully our friends, and choosing healthy ways to create community.

Studies have shown that being outside boosts our immune systems, reduces our stress, and helps us to feel connected to a greater web of life. It not only supports our physical and mental health, it helps us to heal and come back together. In a time of such uncertainty, stress, and fear, very few things currently give us this much benefit. Make the time outside special and allow it to boost your health.

Now is the time to ask, what is my relationship with alcohol (or other substances) and is it serving me well? Do I need to incorporate it into every part of my lifestyle and in all my social connections? What instead can support my health and well-being? Questions that each of us must ask for ourselves, as only our values, attitudes, and choices will guide our answers.

Tips for redefining your relationship with alcohol:

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  • Choose alcohol-free days
  • Limit the amount you have at home
  • Keep it to a responsible time
  • Consider the children and keep it out of sight and reach
  • Explore new hobbies and activities
  • Utilize the Eagle Valley Behavioral Health communitystream.org platform
  • Choose sober driving
  • Celebrate small successes

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