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Letter: Regarding skier deaths

So it wasn’t until the very end of Kevin Fixler’s column on Thursday, “Why don’t ski resorts report deaths?” that something clicked. Looking at the end of his ranting, you will see that Fixler is a freelance journalist based in Boise, Idaho.

Now, I don’t know how they do it in Idaho, but when I am looking to go skiing, I look for the best snow conditions. In Idaho, I am guessing (he quotes Jared Polis), “People should be able to look at basic safety data when they are deciding where to ski.”

Really? I guess he does make a good point — I was ready to go on a beach vacation, but when I did a little digging, I found out that there are sharks in all of the oceans! All over the world! But not once could I find a report of how many deaths happen on each of the world’s beaches. Where is that report, Fixler?

Now personally, as a native of Colorado, if I go skiing, lose control, and run into a tree, I don’t want that reported. I would be a little embarrassed. So why do you want it reported? Now backcountry avalanches I get — we need to get that information out so people can be warned about the conditions, but little Tommy who broke a leg when his bindings came off should not be reported.

I have to ask, if “we’re talking about losses of life here and talking about serious life-altering injuries that should be shared publicly,” who does that help? Why does that help, what did Kevin do to get a full page in the Vail Daily, and where should I go for offseason?

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Mike Spaid


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