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Letter: Rename the Gore Range? Hell no

Regarding Scott N. Miller’s Sept. 12 article asking the question about whether it is time to rename the Gore Range, I offer the following answer: How about no? 

This is nothing but a continuation of “cancel culture.” For those who are paying attention, Miller’s suggestion reveals a depth of perceived moral superiority and palpable arrogance that really is difficult for ordinary people to comprehend. It is also a call to action to those who do not want to see the history of this great nation erased. 

What can ordinary people do? What is it time for? It is time to confront the Cancel Culture Warriors, and explain to them in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances will there be any more funding for their schemes. If people in positions of authority are going to behave like thugs, then their revenue should be discontinued, and neither their authority nor their legitimacy should be respected. 

Does that seem harsh? It is. Cancel Culture Warriors are a cancer, and cancer treatments are harsh, but necessary.

John Howell


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