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Letter: Renewable energy and electric vehicles

Thank you to Gary and Linn Brooks for your “Radical is Cool” letter, and thank you for your suggestions for reducing our fossil fuel consumption.

Here’s another. Electric cars, just like your electric powered home, with service from Holy Cross Energy, are running on an impressive amount of renewables — 39%. But 61% comes from dirty coal and gas. 

From the Holy Cross Energy website: “About 39% of the energy used to meet member load was supplied through clean and renewable resources, such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and coal mine methane generation. About 53% came from coal, 6% came from gas, and about 2% was from market sources which could not be identified with a high level of certainty.”

Oops. That electric vehicle is only 39% green.

You can go 100% renewable. Call Holy Cross Energy at 970-945-5491 and ask to pay a small amount extra. The cheapest option is wind power. Pay an extra $1.25 per 100 kWh (you’ll pay $0.76 per 100 kWh) to replace that 61% of dirty energy with electricity coming from WIND!! Oh, except for the portion you already collect from the solar panels on your house, or from your windmill. Xcel Energy has a similar program. It’s even cheaper for your business.

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This is real. Research Holy Cross’s and Xcel’s wind power investments. OK, humans, it’s on you. Invest in your future. (No, I don’t work for Holy Cross or Xcel. I work for the planet.)

Bambi Forbes


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