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Letter: Republicans need a new standard bearer

Thank you for printing Cal Thomas’ column, which addresses who will take Trump’s place in the GOP. He also acknowledges that Trump’s behavior gradually eroded conservative influence at many levels. Nice to know another conservative who recognizes Trump’s toxicity to the GOP and has the guts to say so (unlike so many Republicans in the legislature).

There are over 80 million people in the United States wondering how 70-some million of us could have voted for Trump. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing going on — are that many of us racist, misogynist, greedy and/or any number of other unsavory adjectives?

If that’s the case with people I know who voted for him, it’s buried deep inside some closet somewhere. Their stated reasons for voting for him included support of the Second Amendment, being anti-abortion, and support of conservative values in general.

Taking them at their word, I hope they got the message that was delivered on Nov. 3 — their standard bearer wasn’t worthy of the job. His behavior gradually undercut support for conservative values at the federal level over the course of fuor years, from losing the House in 2018, to possibly losing the Senate in January. And then, of course, he lost the big prize.

No need to worry about waning conservatism — this wasn’t what happened. The vast majority of people who didn’t vote for Trump, conservative or liberal, felt his behavior was harmful. Apparently replacing dignified presidential behavior with immaturity and indecency was the wrong path to take. And everyone should be thankful for this message.

As Thomas said, now the GOP has four years to find a more worthy standard bearer for their cause. Let the work begin.

Debra Dieter



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