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Letter: Reservation system hurts locals

My name is Lisa Scott and I am a mental health professional in the valley. I am writing in regard to an alarming trend that I am seeing with patients that I feel needs to be addressed and acted upon.

A reservation system for skiing at Vail Resorts might be what’s best for your business in order to manage the pandemic, I don’t, however, believe you took into account the serious adverse effect it has the potential to have on locals and their mental health.

Most of us move here with a dream, to live and play in the mountains, and then find out all too soon how hard you have to work to maintain a quality of life here. It’s worth the hard work, though, to call Vail and Beaver Creek home because you have the benefit of heading out on your lunch break or an afternoon off to ski and ride for an hour or two. This short midweek trip allows locals to clear their heads, remember why they work so hard to live here, and most of all, keeps them connected to what fills them up and sets their heart free.

The reservation system has taken this away from locals, and instead added more sadness and stress in a time when what they need most is to feel alive on a mountain they love.

If a reservation system is what you need to control the crowds, then fine, I won’t begin to tell you I understand the business practices needed for such a large corporation to survive in a pandemic. I can tell you though, that as a small business owner, I think now more than ever we have a duty to the people of this valley to do our part in making our services and help available during a time when a lot of people are looking for help and a place that feels like home.

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I implore you to think about lifting reservations for locals, and allowing them access to their home mountain. Think of it as helping the mental health effort in our valley, and really just providing a basic right for the people of this valley that work so hard to call it home.

Lisa Scott

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