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Letter: Response to Cal Thomas column

Cal Thomas’ most recent column is a fine example of my definition of stew.

I have said this before.

In stew, you like some elements of the recipe, don’t like others and don’t care about the rest.

I agree with you, Mr. Thomas, that in Washington, these days, nothing independent exists and the commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot would have been partisan, as usual. Please remember this in the future, Mr. Thomas, if or when you call for any form of investigation.

I congratulate you if you are part of the over $400,000 earners that will be required to pay more taxes under the Biden tax plan. I’m not part of that club, therefore, egotistically, I don’t care.

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I do care, however, that part of my tax dollars are wasted for the benefit of politicians — we agree on that again. Unfortunately, no party can claim an exclusivity on the matter. The deficit is going up, regardless of who’s in control. The lack of tax payments from illegal immigrants is surely not the reason for our debts. In mentioning that, Mr. Thomas, you just serve the purpose of spreading animosity and bitter feeling.

This brings me to your main point. You claim that the anger that is pervasive in our nation is the result of “many Americans who are fed up with their government and want it to return to the boundaries established by the founders” and that “conservative radio and cable TV” ( and I’ll add, a column like yours) are mere conduits of this malaise.

You are very modest in underestimating the power of the media, and yours, in creating public opinion but I don’t agree — you guys play a major role.

Whatever the case, is this anger something new that started after last November? Was everything peachy and rosy when the Republicans were in power? Oh, I see, the transgenders were banned by the military at that time and that explains why the nation is now going to hell.

Yes, public money was and is wasted, public and private education delivers below-par results, tolerance is a word of the past and way too much money is spent to influence the elections (tell this last point to the Supreme Court), but transgenders are the real problem together with those illegal immigrants dodging taxes.

Just saying.

Piero Costa


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