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Letter: Response to Cal Thomas column

I was appalled at Cal Thomas’ column in the Tuesday edition of the Vail Daily stating that if the inquiries about Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings were known today, Trump would have won the election. This is another indication of the willingness of many in the Republican camp, to laser focus on any bit of dirt regarding the president-elect and completely ignore the mountains of dirt surrounding Trump and Co.

There have already been many investigations on the part of the media (see fact-check.org) that have found no evidence of wrongdoing on Hunter Biden’s part. To date, nothing has been proven by the IRS or Justice Department. I am fine with their investigation and Hunter, unlike Trump, is cooperating with full disclosure at requests for any documents.

But even if Hunter is found to have done something shady, this in no way implicates Joe Biden. Ask any parent if they are responsible for the behavior of their adult children. This is ridiculous and another attempt to discredit one of the most secure and fair elections in the history of the United States.

Andrea Klein


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