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Letter: Response to Mazzuca’s income inequality claims

I read Butch Mazzuca’s columns with the same squinted eye with which I read what Donald Trump says each day: “You must be joking. It can’t get any worse. He’s not serious.” And yet it does get worse and Butch talks with no self-awareness.  

Living in the Vail Valley, Butch writes about income inequality with the same life experience as someone who might have dropped in from Mars. But hey — he studied it ages ago, so he’s an expert. While I am no expert, I have lived in Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston and London. I recently returned from a visit to L.A. where the housing and homeless crisis is at a fever pitch.  

One only needs to read a little to understand what the homeless and housing crisis looks like in virtually every major city today.  Despite our overall economy having improved, we have the highest rate of homelessness that we have ever witnessed. Health care — beyond the reach of too many Americans and health care expenses are one of (if not the) greatest causes of personal bankruptcy in America.  Workers at General Motors are striking and the CEO of GM tried to cut off employees’ health care while on strike until public outcry became too much for her. Higher education is beyond the reach of too many, and again one of the greatest causes of debt in America.  

But, hey, this income inequality is often self-inflicted according to Butch. How can you throw such a cavalier line out there and then not explain or elaborate? Butch, why don’t you actually leave the valley and visit the heartland of America today? You are simply one more tone-deaf, privileged white guy who doesn’t have a clue about the real problems that real people in America face on a daily basis.

Mark Kogan


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