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Letter: Response to van Beek column

Wow, The life of law enforcement personnel is extremely critical to all of us. Anyone reading Eagle County Sheriff James van Beek’s recent column should have been moved to tears. 

Life is tragic and it is beautiful. Special people choose to help all of us deal with the tragic.

Very special people! These are the ones you see in uniform.

I just wonder how law enforcement can deal with the tragedy then the unfair critisicm leveled at them because of actions of such a small percent of bad members.

Yes, those bad members must be eliminated. That is the problem.

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What organization in the world does not have bad members?

Make sure the systems in place can eliminate those people. 

I speak also from personal experience as both my father and grandfather spent 35 years in police uniforms in Chicago.

I witnessed my father’s struggles with the tragic side of life. He refused to let his sons become policemen.

Why? “Because it is too hard on your heart to deal with the negative side of life, eventually you will lose part of yourself.”

So please remember to understand the whole story a uniformed officer is confronting daily because they need our help to allow them to do their jobs, day in and day out.

Check yourself every time you see a squad car — what is your reaction? When you start thinking, there is the person protecting and helping me and my family, then you have arrived at the proper attitude.

Darryl Bangert


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