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Letter: Reviving coal is pure nonsense

Letter to the Editor

Three headlines caught my eye recently. In Thursday’s Vail Daily there was “Agency defies climate warnings,” which talks about the EPA ignoring climate change and pushing to renew coal usage (even as the industry recognizes that coal is no longer cost-effective).

The second headline was “Last week, Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice or about 45 percent of the surface in just one day. Measuring about 275,000 square miles, the ice melt was slightly larger than Texas.” Please re-read this quote so it sinks in.

The third headline was “Tens of thousands flee extreme heatwave in India as temperatures topping 120 degrees kill dozens across country.”

So, perhaps you understand what this presidential administration does not: that fossil fuel use is the main contributor to the Earth’s over-th- top warming. I hear in my mind a thousand questions asking, “so what am I supposed to do about it?” Contact the EPA and tell them reviving coal is nonsense. Contact Sen. Cory Gardner and ask him to stop supporting fossil fuels.

It’s easy to contact anyone in the government online and takes only a few minutes. I have heard that if members of Congress get 10 communications on any given subject, they pay attention. Things change, one person at a time. Oh, and if you have the wherewithal, you might put in solar panels. Please, do something.

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Katherine Delanoy


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