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Letter: Rincon Materials story missed a key point

In response to Monday’s headline and the tabling of the Rincon Materials special use permit for a gravel pit near the confluence of the Eagle and Colorado rivers, I feel the article missed a key element about what actually happened at last week’s planning meeting.

The Vail Daily’s story would have you believe that this mining application was tabled because four of the planning commissioners were opposed to the plan. However, for those of us trying to follow along to the virtual presentation, what we heard was the planning commissioners talking themselves into voting for the proposal. They seemed to ignore the county planning department’s staff recommendation to deny the application, and instead searched for ways to help the developer make his gravel mine acceptable when it simply is not in the interest of the immediate or greater community.

As a Dotsero property owner along the Colorado River adjacent to this proposed gravel pit, I was shocked when the county planning commissioners stopped short of voting against the Rincon Materials mining application, unjustly ignoring the Dotsero Area Community Plan that Eagle County adopted in 2012. Instead, a few of the commissioners, none of whom live in Dotsero and some who are heavily vested in Eagle County’s construction and real estate industries, waffled and whined about the existing zoning and regulations that are in place to protect the citizens’ vision for our community.

Planning commissioners: Don’t vote to destroy the beautiful Colorado River corridor, tamper with the serenity of local wildlife, devalue the recreation investment made at this unique river confluence, and ask us to sit tight for the next 15 years while mining and aggregate sales dominate our working class neighborhood in order to pave the way for yet another luxury real estate development.

Claudia Bryan



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