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Letter: RiverPark doesn’t fit Edwards

Edwards RiverPark is a massive development in unincorporated Edwards, immediately adjacent to the Eagle River Preserve. The plan is again before the Eagle County Commissioners on Sept. 7. Judging by the questions the commissioners asked during the last meeting, the developer sensed a denial, so he asked to a table the plan to evaluate the concerns expressed. The commissioners granted a tabling.

The new plan calls for 440 units with a quarter-mile long boardwalk meandering through the wetlands and the ability to offer nightly rentals in the condominiums that will function like a hotel. It is still a giant development. Edwards RiverPark is approximately twice the size of the Piedmont apartments west of Walmart in Avon and with more density than Riverwalk in the community core of Edwards.

The Edwards community spent months and months putting an Area Community Plan together. Eagle County authorized, approved and accepted the Edwards Area Community Plan as a valid planning document in 2017. This area plan should be used for directing all future development in Edwards. The Edwards RiverPark definitely doesn’t come close to following the area plan. It should be located in the Edwards core.

I had the honor to be an Eagle County Commissioner from 1985 to 1993 and understand the importance of area community plans. Area plans represent the vision that people have for the future development of their community. What’s more important than that? The Edwards RiverPark development doesn’t fit. The commissioners have said in the past that they will always opt for the local’s opinion on land-use decisions. Now is the time to stay true to those words. Adhere to the Edwards Area Community Plan that is the local’s voice.

Let County Commissioners Kathy Chandler Henry, Jeanne McQueeney and Matt Scherr know your opinion by emailing them at EagleAdmin@eaglecounty.us or by showing up at the public meeting Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Eagle at the county building.

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Don Welch


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