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Letter: Robbins on free speech

Rohn Robbins did a column about free speech principals as they apply to Donald Trump. He spoke of the “tweetectomy” that has been imposed, blocking Trump’s use of Twitter to convey his views.

One remark deserves further investigation: Robbins mentioned ” … the 29% of you who still like him …” I checked, and Gallup says it’s 34%; Rasmussen says it’s 51%. Where did Robbins get his number?

More to the point is what I get is Robbins’ position, that the First Amendment applies to government action, but Twitter, Facebook et al are private parties, who can pick and choose what they will publish.

Good point.

Does this mean that a bakery in Lakewood, Colorado, shouldn’t be forced to decorate a wedding cake with a message they don’t agree with?

Terry Quinn


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