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Letter: Rolling the dice

I have one simple question for our local governments and our county commissioners. Are we willing to gamble with the virus to salvage some of this summer, and put next ski season at risk? The danger of events like Avon put on, precautions or not, creates the illusion that the virus is behind us, and the numbers are trending down.

This is not the case. On the day Avon had a concert, the United States set a single-day record for new infections with 45,000. Florida is going back to closing beaches after a 582% increase just in June. Texas, especially Houston, is exploding with new cases.

Ignore or laugh off these numbers if you want, just don’t be looking for another government bailout if this blows up in our face. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one,” Spock said.

Rick Silverman


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