Letter: Romanoff has the charisma for senator

Are you feeling helpless and hopeless about our government? Now you have a chance to help flip the United States Senate from Republican to Democrat, all because you voted in Colorado. This is possible because one of our two Colorado senators, Republican Cory Gardner, could lose his Senate seat in November. Right now, two men are on the Colorado Democratic primary ballot, John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff. The winner will challenge Cory in the November election. So it is vitally important to select the best young man from Colorado.

Both Romanoff and Hickenlooper are good men. But Andrew Romanoff is young. There are too many older men in the U.S. Senate. Romanoff is only 53 years old, with all the charisma and energy that will be needed for non-stop work and late night Senate hearings. 

It is time for change. Time for a senator who will stand up to the nonsense we have had to put up with recently. Time for turning out those who listen to cronies instead of you. COVID-19, the economy and Black Lives Matter have already changed America. A new, younger senator who can cope with these challenges is desperately needed.

Colorado’s Andrew Romanoff is the man who has the skills and experience necessary to help put our country onto a new course. As speaker of the Colorado House he led Democrats to their first majority in 30 years. Andrew will know how to be a leader in the U.S. Senate. 

Your Colorado Democratic primary ballot was mailed to you last week; it has to be returned by June 30, the final day. Take the responsibility now and vote for Andrew Romanoff for a brilliant change. I have known Andrew Romanoff for years and trust him completely. He can be reached at or 303-945-4901. He is your best hope.

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Angela Overy 


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