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Letter: Romanoff is a better choice for Senate

Andrew Romanoff won the March Senate caucus hands down against John Hickenlooper, scoring 2:1 in Denver and by more across the state. Romanoff went on to win 87% of the votes in the state assembly, knocking it out of the park.

The primary race on June 30 is about a number of issues, but it is also about Washington and Chuck Schumer again telling Colorado what to do, rather than Coloradans deciding who the best candidate is to represent Colorado. The Colorado Democratic Party has clearly pointed to Romanoff for the job.

I hear a lot of “but Hickenlooper has the best chance of beating Cory Gardner.” I don’t buy that. Gardner’s favorability rating has fallen to 37%, and he trails even a generic Democrat by 11 points. Romanoff has earned endorsements from an amazing 350 elected officials in Colorado — 10 times as many as all the other Democratic candidates combined. When Romanoff wins the primary, the party and D.C. will all fall behind him to beat Gardner.

Don’t forget that Hickenlooper has repeatedly said he wasn’t cut out for the Senate and didn’t want the job. (Think of those ads!) He’s skipped numerous Senate debates so far. The Senate is a job focused on policy-making and debate. Hickenlooper is an administrator who showed us how inept he is at debating in the Presidential race. Romanoff is a skilled debater who ran circles around Gardner when they debated during their years in the Colorado statehouse. 

Andrew won four terms in the Colorado House of Representatives —including two terms as speaker of the House — and led the Democrats to their first majority in 30 years. He earned recognition from more than 50 state and national organizations as one of the most effective legislative leaders in America.

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Romanoff has been creating policy and debating most of his career. He’s very bright, went to Yale, received a master’s degree in public policy at Harvard, and went to law school at DU to study lawmaking. He’s an experienced lawmaker who is passionate about helping people, great at working across the aisle, and experienced at crafting policy. Hickenlooper has never been a legislator — he’s been an administrator.

Romanoff has a bold progressive platform to combat the climate crisis, ensure health care for all, build an economy that works for everyone, reduce the rate of gun violence, repair our broken immigration system, and reform the way we finance campaigns. 

During this COVID-19 crisis, Romanoff has exhibited fantastic leadership by having twice-weekly Town Hall virtual events with a variety of experts. These meetings are well received, having 1200-1500 participants. I haven’t heard of the other guy doing anything creative or showing us leadership during this bizarre time.

You can study their differences in policy, but I want to point out the huge differences in style, leadership ability and preparedness for the tough job of senator. 

People are changing their minds about the primary because Romanoff is the right candidate for the Senate.

Linda Petrie Bunch


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