Letter: Romanoff won’t compromise on saving the planet

I am not against compromise. With many problems it is the only way to go, but not when it comes to climate change. If we don’t do something fast, in a few very short years, the winds, floods, droughts, fires, and loss of food crops are going to be twice as bad as they are now. And people will be pointing fingers and blaming the politicians and saying, “Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

So, do something now. If you have not voted in the primary (deadline June 30), vote for Andrew Romanoff, not former Gov. John Hickenlooper, who wants to compromise with the fossil fuel companies. It is too late for compromise. We need to start right now getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies and giving them to wind and solar. The jobs are there — ready and waiting. Romanoff will work his hardest to do this. Hickenlooper, who has long had his campaigns supported by the frackers and oil companies, will not.

Katherine Delanoy


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