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Letter: Ruined Vail vacation a blessing in disguise for Nebraska couple

For months, my husband and I planned and saved for a week trip to Vail. And on the very first day, he ended up in the Vail hospital. What we thought was the common altitude sickness, were the signs of a possible heart attack. While he was going through tons of tests, I was going to be touring Vail on my own.

The problem is, I had a stroke six years ago, and my walking is not very steady. My dominant can’t do much, and my memory is now short-term. I had no idea how I could “survive” this vacation totally on my own. I broke down a couple of times in the emergency room, and the compassion from the nurses and doctors kept me going.

Going back and forth from the hospital to the Sitzmark was an adventure. I kept getting off the bus at the wrong stop. I lost count how many times I found myself on the wrong street. So, I decided I needed to ask for help — the bus driver, the shop owners, the motel, the restaurants. Once they heard of my vacation nightmare, they all helped in every way possible.

But this trip was a blessing in disguise. The doctor discovered my husband was on a med he had stopped prescribing years ago because it caused heart attacks! If we had not ended up in the Vail Hospital, we would have never known. So even though our vacation was ruined, we survived and are alive.


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Mary Kay and Denny Hennings

Omaha, Nebraska

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