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Letter: Sad to see Mazzuca go

I read with great disappointment the prologue to Mr. Butch Mazzuca’s last column indicating that he will no longer be contributing to the Vail Daily. I have found his columns to be interesting, entertaining and informative.

More importantly, he often presented opinions that gave voice to a different view than the lockstep, groupthink, left-leaning mantras (i.e., talking points) trumpeted by most of the media. When one has both sides of the argument, he or she can make an intelligent and individual decision. Policy positions that shirk from dissenting views may not be the best for a community or country.

Most importantly, Mr. Mazzuca always presented his views in a fact-based, non-name calling manner. His absence will diminish the Vail Daily. I hope that there is no serious personal or health reason for his hiatus. If that is not the case, then I urge the editor to do everything within your power to influence Mr. Mazzuca to make his hiatus as brief as possible. I’m sure I speak for many readers when I say he will be missed.

Tom Smith

Sarasota, Florida

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