Letter: Safety concerns on Highway 6 in Edwards

As our population increases and additional housing is planned and developed, it raises the issue of traffic control. At present on Highway 6 near Edwards Village Boulevard, 108 housing units (Stillwater and Fox Hollow) are being built with another 594 units (Edwards River Park) under consideration.

If my math is correct (which admittedly is rare) and one assumes at least one car per unit, we will have an additional 702 automobiles competing for access to Highway 6. If half of the units include two-car owners, we might see an additional 1,053 automobiles on the road. I recognize that the River Park developer is proposing a roundabout at Lake Creek and Highway 6, but in my humble opinion, more must be done.

With limited stoplights along Highway 6, I believe our risk of accidents will only increase with the additional number of drivers and school buses, especially during rush hours. In addition to cars, we will have an increase in bike travel and pedestrian traffic. What will happen when we have a really icy snowstorm, children are departing a school bus, and a car spins out of control? My apologies for the sick visual, but it really concerns me.

On Jan. 27, 2015, I wrote a letter to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners and Eagle County Engineers sharing my traffic concerns. I realize that securing the financial resources to address these issues is challenging, but in light of the additional housing considerations, I hope traffic safety will be a priority.

Chalk it up to a bad experience where my daughter and I had an accident on Highway 6 and my car was totaled, but I drove by another horrific accident today at the Lake Creek interchange. I pray the drivers and passengers survived.

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 Lolly Becker


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