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Letter: Scherr for county commissioner

In 2019, I ran against Matt Scherr for county commissioner and lost. I was in good company. Matt beat a field of nine amazing candidates for Jill Ryan’s vacant commissioner seat. Since taking office, Matt has displayed the service-oriented leadership he honed after two terms on the Minturn Town Council and two terms as Minturn Mayor and confirmed the trust the vacancy committee placed in him.  

As a community and a nation, we have many pressing needs, with climate change near the top. After another summer of intense, destructive wildfires, the impacts of climate change are already apparent throughout the West. Future summers in Eagle County will likely be hot, dry and smoky.  

We cannot afford to be complacent. In his short time as a commissioner, Matt helped launch the Community Wildlife Roundtable, represents Eagle County on the statewide Colorado Communities for Climate Action and brought the community together to hear from Dr. Ron Davies who employed science in his appeal to drastically reduce carbon emissions.  

To that end, Matt has sought to improve county transit in a way that both reduces emissions and enhances our economy. In addition to Matt’s leadership on climate, he brings a thoughtful, people-oriented approach to county planning and community outreach.  

I was seated next to Matt at both candidate forums in the election for Jill Ryan’s seat. We joked and kidded with one another during the forums — proof that it is possible to run against someone and still like and respect them. I could not have lost to a nicer guy. In Commissioner Matt Scherr, Eagle County gained a competent, compassionate and forward-thinking leader. He has served us well during a very difficult time and will continue to do so for another term. I urge you to reelect Matt Scherr as Eagle County Commissioner.  

Claire Noble

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